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2017 will be a year of video marketing. In fact, videos will dominate 74% of all internet traffic in 2017. But it’s OK if you have not yet figured out whether video marketing is right for your business or not. You may have doubts whether videos can be an effective marketing tool for your line of business or not. Or you may be worried about the dent video marketing might put in your budget.


All your doubts and worries are justified. Because even though video marketing has been around for a considerable time, it’s large scale adaption as an integrated business strategy is only recent. But the gears are shifting. 61% of businesses have incorporated video as a marketing tool and 66% of these companies were not using video a year ago. Indeed videos can be the perfect tool for delivering the right messages and validating claims of being expert and experienced in your field of business. So maybe it’s time you also understood the impact of utilizing effective marketing videos can have on your business.


5 benefits that prove you must not miss out on video marketing

Power to increase sales

74% users who watched a product video eventually bought it. The reason of such powerful conversion is that videos provide a detailed insight into product features, benefits and experience.

Boost to consumer confidence

Videos prove to be a convenient and comprehensive tool to learn about a product or service. This state of high awareness generated by video boosts confidence of consumer while making the buying decision.

Favourable for mobile users

Videos rank high in terms of user-friendliness for mobile users. This makes videos a favorable marketing tool in an age where mobile content consumption is rising rapidly.

Excellent engagement

It is established that videos can keep your target audience hooked for longer time. In fact, 65% of users watch more than ¾ of a video.

Enhances brand image

When a company features a video on their website or their social media pages, it helps in elevating perceived brand image of the company.

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The demand of audio production services has been increased drastically in the last few years. Just like music production, the quality of audio production matters a lot. You may be wondering why someone, especially a business person needs audio production. But, the scope is actually wider. People, who are associated with BPO industry, call center, customer care support, and technical support service, etc., always seek for audio production and audio visual companies in Dubai.

Whether it is about a voice message, telephone hold message, in-store message, call center recording or radio message, you should hire a company that can offer superior quality audio production Dubai services to cater to all your specific needs. Every time when a call is being transferred or when a customer care expert, checks anything in the system, the call is put on hold. This waiting time is quite boring for the caller. With an impressive audio message, a business owner can utilize this time by advertising the products and services. The callers can avail the knowledge about the latest offers and deals with ease with such message.




Nowadays, people love to listen to radio while traveling. It is a favorite leisure time, especially for office going people, housewives and shopkeepers, etc. It can be a great platform to advertise your business. An audio radio advertisement can help you to discover new prospects and educate the existing one. No matter how much you know about your business and audio production, but creating an audio message is not definitely your cup of tea especially when you are not from this industry. To get the professional and engaging audio production services, you should hire a reputed and reliable audio production Company.

To get the most out of it, you should hire a company that has a bright track record, immense reputation and great knowledge in audio production. A dependable company that is well-equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and backed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals can serve you with exceptional services. Trust a reliable audio company in Dubai to get what you deserve and expect.




We are living in an audio-video age as world is swiftly changing with advanced technology. In such tech-word, to survive successfully in your particular corporate stream there needs to adapt technology in order to enhance business productivity as well as to retain your customers.

In the competitive age, the importance of audio production technology here exists as a crucial facet when it comes to impart superior customer service, create brand awareness, or even market your business to varied corporate sectors including hotel industry, hospitality, corporate sectors, call centres, IVR, radio commercials etc.

The audio production solution paves your business platform in a way that it creates a stimulating and interactive environment that let your customers and clients be contended plus, strengthens the prospects of long term productivity.

How to Get the Best Audio Production Solution?

In order to deploy such audio production technique, consider looking into established audio company in Dubai. A professional team of audio production companies holds potency to deliver cost-effective yet quality service that will all in all reflect your brand image positively. Following are the advantages of getting well established audio production company in Dubai area:

Substantial Production Value

High production value will enhance your brand value in the market with more positive responses from your clients and customers.

Interactive Marketing Strategy

A well-versed firm definitely work on a strategic plan for how to make persuade your targeted audience so increase business value. A well known audio production company will suggest you for how and in what manner an audio platform will increase the value in the marketplace with certainty as well.




Creativity at Its Best

Well, your brand will be blended with awesome creativeness through audio solution. Being an experienced firm they are perfect to implement a creative plan of action that helps you to achieve your objective. Their team of skilled technicians are versed in indentifying that essence that your brand requires to expand.

Of all, the audio production platform is the practical solution to sustain with your business or brand value. Plus, hiring a professional company will utterly help you to develop a long term relationship with your client and customers.



When it comes to build business or brand presence, of course, there exists several marketing tactics that are being implemented.  But, what amount of impact you’re gathering from your audiences is the key element that decide whether your business going to generate substantial lead or not.

Apart from several marketing strategies, business communication through corporate video communication is defined as the most effectual conversion tool in today’s digital generation that let users take action on the big scale. If your visual communication is persuasive and motivating, dam sure your will create a reliable space for your audience.

The future definitely going to see a huge enhancement in video production platform as video it is the most interactive platform and an instant source to get any information in a while.

How Corporate Video will help you out there?

A Corporate video production strategize your business plans

A Corporate video production not only fulfills your communication purpose, it also accomplishes your plans by connecting with your targeted audience.

However, a video communication and promoting strategy must be designed in sense that determines the target audience. Getting your audience with right demographics is therefore prerequisite that allows you define your ideal customers throughout.

A well established video production company can help you out there in identifying your audience, and produce a relevant video that is best suited for your product or service.


Hiring corporate video production company help you share your media assets widely

Undoubtedly, hiring a well acquainted corporate video production company will let you broaden your presence thoroughly. A professional firm on the basis of digital asset manager assist you in producing, managing, archiving your assets through multiple social platforms.

In fact, working with such video production firm will allow you to protecting & maintaining your digital assets for the future, plus, you will be better-informed about where your digital presence is spreading & can take actions according to them to organize future plans accordingly.


Of all, there are several video production firms letting your business propositions deliver to your audiences in a comprehensive manner. All you need is hiring the right organization that can let your business gather substantial presence and productivity through interactive brand communication.


Time Lapse Video Production: The Crucial Corporate Marketing Tool


Over the past years as businesses across the internet have taken up the unbelievable growth, it has really become the challenge to build up strong corporate presence in the marketplace in order to generate substantial revenue.

Apart from various marketing strategies that have already being followed by all size of companies, time lapse video production remains as another effective technique letting businesses to broaden their dimensions more persuasively.

In fact, time lapse video has really been in popularity over the past few years due to the widespread availability and cost-effective digital cameras. As business are investing multi-million dollars to establish businesses onto digital platform, timelapse video here is a one way solution comprised of solar powered HD camera system that captures high quality videos and Hi-Res pictures.

Business Productivity through Time Lapse Videos:

Constructional business

If you’re into constructional business, time lapse video is the productive source to implement. As constructional projects require up to the mark accuracy, quality, and monitoring throughout the project; having time lapse constructional video is beneficial tool that captures complete work process and enable you take further plan of action accordingly, so there remains zero possibility of misleading in the ongoing project.



Product-Based Business

Even if you’re into product-based business and aiming to enhance product sales; by capturing each & every activity, time lapse video production can let you know up to what extent your products or services are receiving attention.

Getting every single moment captured through time lapse video equipment would be productive while organizing events for your product launching, trade shows, conventions, or even at exhibitions.



Lastly, time lapse videos are one of the fastest growing mediums to enhance business productivity. All you need is creating trust among the end users so as to turn your business into valuable brand.


In such highly edged digital era, generating successful business outcomes has totally become challenged for every business player. In order to sustain in such competitive business world, having effective communication plays crucial role to convince your audience, and when it comes to verbal communication, communicating via telephone on-hold message is one of the essential ways to keep your client assured of what they have expected.

Telephone on-hold marketing communication is voiced, sound tracked and produced by the experienced professionals that ensure high quality audio sound assisting in persuading your customers to the larger degree.




Apart from internet, audio communication through telephone is the second important medium today to augment you in business process, captivates audience attention, and opens-up opportunities.

Here are 3 essential telephone on-hold messaging practices that will help you in delivering effective communication while callers get you on-hold.

Keep it Persuasive

Well, you’re unaware about what caller is going to communication with you. It can be an important business deal or much required communication to resolve issue. So, obviously if you are unavailable to attend the phone at the moment, the persuasive way of telephone on hold message script really matters here so as to reassure and appeal the caller that in turn help you in retaining the ongoing business process you are involved in.

Communicate Promptly

You must be aware about average length of on hold message you are communicating. It should be of 10-15 seconds or may be less than it. Longer telephone message recording can make callers disconnect your call.

On-hold messaging company you are tied up with must be acknowledged about producing some engaging yet short script of voice content including some musical breaks that don’t let them to disconnect your call.

Call to Action

CTAs are the major part on web page content that enable users to experience your service. But, when it comes to hold on your customers on telephone, providing CTA via on hold messaging is as effective as on web page.

In order to enable them to experience your service, it depends on you that how beautifully you craft a short script that can prompt them to do business with you or to experience your business service. More the lucrative message, more the traffic will be.

Of all, it’s the communication that holds your customers. Apart from any other medium of communication, audio communication through telephone on-hold message is a fruitful option to convince your callers.


Telephone on Hold Messaging: An Effective Business Communication Tool

Success and profitable outcomes in business comes from loyalty, relationship, and productivity; and among these, relationship is the foremost important facet of successful business throughout. If you are good at creating and maintaining long term relationships with your clients or customers, you are going to get the ball rolling for long.

This blog is focused on telephone hold message which is an utmost beneficial tool to make your clients and consumers sustainable in today’s highly competitive digital business platform. A message on hold is the effective marketing strategy to hold your clients, as it makes business communication easy. Plus, it captivates your telephone guests through a beautiful on hold message.




Why Use Telephone Hold Messages? Here are the Practical Reasons

To sustain callers

Who cares if you are not a good responder on an ongoing call? And, what if you are the good one and even after that caller disconnects the call. Telephone on hold messages here are the most effective solution to retain your customer in any situation. Whether it’s to inform, educate, request, entertain or even advertise; a bridge of good communication will keep the things on with no misunderstandings.

To Carry Professionalism

While callers are waiting for business deal response on an ongoing call, it’s your prior responsibility to respond them in order to get the things done. A little bit of unprofessionalism or a sort of unsatisfied response can affect your image. Considering on hold voice recordings at the time if by chance you are unable to respond, can hold the things as it is.

To Sell our Product or Service

Being product based company; it’s a fact that you have to attend lot of calls regarding selling of your products. And of course this is a great opportunity to retain callers to enhance the prospects of maximum product selling opportunity. Recorded phone message is one of the less expensive marketing tools to generate new clients.

Bottom Line

All in all, an effective business communication does whatever it requires to generate substantial outcomes. Telephone on hold message is one of the business driving marketing tools that must be considered.

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The modern Consumer

As I was browsing through the internet, across my social media accounts, I unexpectedly lost my internet connection. And from the agony of waiting for it to be fixed, I had come to realize the huge implication of the web, not just in my social life but of others as well. In fact, roughly 46% of the world’s population has internet access. Imagine how immensely influential the internet could be in embedding information to consumers of the web.

As digital audience increases, their attention span steadily decreases.  That is why messages need to be transmitted quick and conveyed well. Brands promoting their products have come to realize that significance and now innovating ways in order to retain traffic for their brand.

Proper Content is essential especially when there is limited attention span and the need for immediate fulfillment. A modern consumer is impatient and so information should be easily absorbed and retained.

Creating Client Engagement

One way to engage your consumers is through moving pictures and a compelling narrative. People absorb information differently and they love creativity. These can be channeled by achieving a high quality Corporate Video.

A Corporate Video is vital for any established business in the market; it has become a tool to increase presence in the digital marketing arena. It doesn’t just showcase the brand but produce a unique experience for future prospects.

By engaging your clients, it creates awareness for your product which establishes a demand for your brand. This generates profit and increases revenues.


Fortifying Internal Communication

Corporate videos aren’t just for attracting future clients but for reinforcing internal communication as well. Effective communication within the company is indispensable in creating a healthy working environment.  It increases collaboration and productivity among employees.  These may include orientation videos, video memos as well as training videos. A comprehensive and elaborate international communication is fundamental to both shareholders and employees in accomplishing goals within the company.

A proven formula

Finding the right company to project your company’s values with authenticity and credibility is difficult, especially when everyone’s claiming to be the number one.  Companies give their trust to someone who has established a name in the media industry and an attested experience in the field of audio-visual productions .  This is where we come in.

At Studio 52, we are a proven formula. For 4 decades we have given excellence in service to over 2000 clients in Dubai, the GCC and the rest of the world. We understand your needs and what consumers want.

It is inevitable for businesses to not immerse their brand in the digital market.  And Studio 52 will give you the leverage for that by producing the Right Video tailored for your needs.  Invest on something worth its weight in gold. Talk to us!

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